AppleTV Hack “For Dummies”

Most of the websites you read make it sound like hacking your Apple TV to get things like Boxee and Pandora on it is a really BIG deal.  Not so.  Let me give you the “AppleTV for Dummies” version. Oh, you will need to start by getting an AppleTV…

1. Get a USB Drive. 2 gigs, name brand; not crap. Stick it in your Mac. Disconnect anything else to keep from messing it up.

2. Download the patch, here:

3. Run the patch. No questions. Take out the USB drive.

4. Unplug AppleTV. Insert USB Drive into back. Plug AppleTV back in. Watch scary mumbo jumbo on screen. Let finish.

5. Unplug AppleTV again. Pull out USB drive. Plug AppleTV back in. Enjoy Tom Jones radio on Pandora.

Well, it worked for me, anyway. Pandora on my TV is GREAT!

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