Blogging From the iPad

Trying out a first post from the iPad, using the BlogPress app. I got a little confused and lost my first draft, which was a sharp, witty bit of prose; now I’m stuck with this second hand leftover. Well, anyway, I am still amazed at how fast I can type on this thing, especially if i just go for it and don’t try to think too much. Getting as fast or faster than my laptop keyboard, which i never cared for much, anyway. The InCase leather case really helps, gives a great angle for typing on a table.

Looking back now, the iPad seems not to auto-correct “I”. Hmm, seems like an issue.

Here is another example of some iPad photo editing, which I am also doing a lot of.

I like this picture, thinking of signing all this work, “From the lunch room”.

More to come later.

— Post From My iPad, “The Lunch Room”

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