Why I Un-Jailbroke My iPhone, and What Apple Should Learn About Shrinking.

A few weeks ago, much to the shock of my lovely wife, I “jailbroke” my iPhone 4S. This was the first time this was even possible, thanks to the good folks over at Absinthe, and I thought I would give it a try. Took me a few attempts, but I got it to work. 

Although free to do, I discovered that to really get the most out of a jailbreak, you need to spend a few bucks. And I mean just a few. The whole jailbreak seemed pretty useless to me until I spent about $10 on some good jailbreak apps, then I really saw the potential! Shrink, Iconoclasm and some premium themes and I was really loving it.

Sadly, I found that iTunes Match, the music matching service from Apple that I subscribe to, was pretty much nonfunctional on my phone after jailbreaking. I looked for answers, but found none, and this was really a deal breaker. My iPhone is primarily a music device for me, and messing up my music is a big problem. 

So, I un-jailbroke. Sure enough, iTunes Match was back in action. But I sure miss one thing. Not a big deal, really, but big enough that I think Apple ought to take a look for future releases.

Look, Ma, 5x5 icons!

We need the ability to re-size screen icons. Shrink is the add-on I used when jailbroken to do this, and it was wonderful. The Retina display on the 4S is begging for just slightly smaller icons, to give you a little more view and room for them to breathe. I liked to scale down to about 75%, and they looked great. Easy to read, sharp, and you could put more icons into less space.  I look at my standard sized icons now and think they look like big, dumb Duplo blocks. Ugly. Inefficient. Gigantic. Five icons in the dock, too. Wow. What a massive time and energy saver. That one extra down there that you use all the time, it’s like having an extra bullet in your gun. Sweet. 

So there you have it. Just let me scale down my icons, Apple, and I’ll be happy. Meanwhile, writing this has made me re-consider. Now, where’s that link to  Absinthe

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