I Have a 3GS… and You Don’t

The latest episode of the Mactechedu Podcast, get it here.

In this show we…

review Toy Story 3,

avoid the lines for an iPhone 4,

get a little extra zip with iOS4,

manage iPhone folders,

get the skinny on the new Mac Mini

mock the iPhone 4 “antenna deathgrip” reception problem,


feel EA’s Need for Speed.


It’s: “mac tech e-d-u” podcasts

It’s: “mac tech e-d-u” podcasts.

Episode 114: Flash Finally Comes to the iPhone!

In this show we…

dissect iOS4,

edit videos on the iPhone,

see the world with Retina resolution,

download articles on Instapaper,

Diss the Droid II,*


go “case free”.

*Droid is a term that Lucasfilm Inc. apparently still wants to claim.