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Happy new year.

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5 Reasons to Upgrade to an iPhone 3G This Holiday


...with an upgraded iPhone
...with an upgraded iPhone

OK, so you got yourself the original iPhone the day it came out. You waited in line, you paid a small fortune, you were the coolest kid on the block. Yep, so was I. Even got the $100 Apple Store rebate. Spent it on iPhone stuff. Look, that phone was damn cool, and everyone knew it. 

And then came the 3G. Lighter. Cheaper. Faster! Now, everybody has one. It’s the #1 selling smartphone on the market. So what’s the big deal? What’s wrong with my original, “O.G.” iPhone? Works fine. Looks great. So, why upgrade? 

There are a lot of reasons, really, many of which may have nothing to do with the phone itself, as mine did. Honestly, I just thought it was time. I did not really consider many of the features on the iPhone 3G to be all that great, but I thought the time had come to retire my old friend, the “O.G.”  And, hey, I only had a 4 gigabyte phone, which was beginning to get a little tight with all those fancy new apps on there!

I had expected very little difference after the upgrade, other than more storage space, so I was pleasantly surprised to find many little improvements that have made me think the upgrade was really worth it.  So much so, in fact, that I now encourage original iPhone owners to upgrade to the new phone. Totally worth it, I say; so I present to you my five top reasons to upgrade to a new iPhone 3G this holiday season, in no particular order…

1. Size.  The 3G phone is surprisingly different than the older phone. Not by much, mind you, but a little bit and in the right places. It is just a hair thinner and wider, and feels a little better in the hand. A little extra space on the edges of the screen have made it a lot easier to type and hit icon floating out there on the edge.

2. Speed. And I’m not talking about 3G speed, here; although that is nice too. No, I mean the actual speed of the phone itself. Although I have no evidence to back this up, I am pretty sure the 3G has a faster processor in it.  The new phone just feels a little snappier and more responsive than the old one.

3. Pandora Radio. Yep, an app. And a killer one, in my book. I now can have a whole world of music available at all times on my phone through Pandora Radio, opening up much of that precious storage space for other things. With the 3G network, Pandora is very useable and usually reliable.

4. Reception. I had heard that the radio transmitter in the 3G phone was better, but whoa! I get AT&T bars in places that were real dead zones on the old phone.

5. Speaker. The speaker on the new version is considerably better than the old one. It still does not really offer much of a choice for listening to much of anything like music, but it is louder and clearer. The ringer can be heard easily, even with some of the more subtle ringtones. Alarms are noticeable. I have actually had to turn this phone down.

I am guessing I will come up with more as time goes by. When I get to five more I will post those, too. Meanwhile, consider the upgrade, old friends of the “O.G.” crowd; you won’t be disappointed.