Flickr/Facebook sharing options greatly improved in iPhoto ’11

Looks like I might be happier with the ability of iPhoto 11 to send work to Flickr; check out this article in Ars:

Flickr/Facebook sharing options greatly improved in iPhoto ’11.


Mactechedu Podcast: Episode 121: Ping this Podcast Please

In this show we…

give our wire management tip of the week,

have issues with voice control,

meet the new shuffle (same as the old(er) shuffle),

place a buy order on the Nano wristwatch,

face the new iTouch,

crab about the iOS4 update being November,

wonder what the Ping is going on in music networking,


throw away our old AppleTV while eyeing a Roku box.

via Episode 121: Ping this Podcast Please.

iOS4, and Everything is as it Should Be

The new iPhone OS, called iOS 4, was released today, for those that have been living under a rock, or at least haven’t gotten on Twitter yet.

I am pleased.  The new OS is fast, more effective, even has a better camera–that was unexpected.  The camera app has been significantly updated, and it is faster and even has a built in zoom function.  Multitasking works well, at least with the updated Pandora, and thats really the only one anyone cares about running in the background anyway.  The folders feature has already saved me a ton of space, making me not feel too bad about downloading another dozen or so news apps.  So that’s right, iOS 4 is basically everything I had hoped the iPhone would be.  Back in 2007.

Finally the OS has caught up with all of the stuff many of us dreamed it was capable of, it just took a while to get there.  I will say, Apple waits, and then does it right, because the new software is good.  Really good.  I can’t wait to get my hands on an iPhone 4…

iOS 4 on my 3GS - Saving space with "Folders"

iPad: First Impressions

Here I go again, from the Lunch Room.

My current iPad screen one.

I am getting a lot of requests from readers and friends to post some of my first impressions of the iPad, Apple’s latest device du jour.

OK, let me start by saying, that these are not exactly my initial impressions. In fact, I have been using the iPad for a couple weeks now, and have some pretty definite ideas regarding what it is all about. At least for me, that is.

I have really come to think that the iPad is a different device for a lot of different people, for a variety of uses. It is hard to nail down a single thing that makes it worthwhile for everyone. The iPhone was easy; it replaced my cellphone, PDA, digital camera and iPod all in one fell swoop. A no brainer. So what about the iPad? Where is the value?

I have been using mine a lot for reading, checking email, Twitter, surfing the web. The browser is really fast, and the Internet experience is nearly on par with sitting on the couch with a laptop. It is also worth noting that I am writing this blog post on my iPad, which I have become very comfortable typing on. In fact, it has the potential to be an excellent mobile blogging platform.

Still, if you have an iPhone and a laptop that you use regularly away from your desk, you may find it hard to locate a good place in your life for the iPad. Unlike the iPhone, the iPad is pretty much impossible to use with one hand, so if you regularly sit on your couch with one hand on the remote or a drink you may be in trouble. It can’t do anything too serious, either, so Final Cut Pro in your lap is out.

The iPad can be an odd character to fit into your story. Or it may fit right in. My suggestion for now: try one. Go to the Apple store and try one out, or even better, find a friend who has one and get a good half hour or more with it. Although everyone has a different usage scenario for the iPad, the one constant is this: everyone I know who has actually touched one wants one.

— Posted From My iPad, “The Lunch Room”